Back end engineer

We are in the early (for which read ‘fun’) stages of building a new class of service which fundamentally changes the way that people manage their homes and their lives. You can read more about what working with us at this early stage is like here - it's not for everyone!

We’re still being coy about the details in public, but would love to share more under NDA.

What we can say is that it’s a serious founding & engineering team, led by Greg Marsh, a former venture capitalist who led the team that built & sold onefinestay for $200m, Glen Walker, Jon Rudoe and Christian Hølmer – and that it has already attracted significant seed investment.

We can also say that we are looking for someone to come and help us build a world-class experience on a web or mobile client that will be used regularly by millions of users across the UK. Being inspired by the values of trust, peace of mind and functionality you will be building a single page application that will guide the user to achieve a complex workflow with ease.

We’ve optimised our stack to minimise infrastructure overhead and are embracing Typescript to provide us type-safety all the way from the database to the clients (Typescript, React, GraphQL, Prisma, Node.js, Jest, Storybook, Fastify, Pino). We use the RedwoodJS framework which increases our efficiency even further.

We’ll pay a competitive salary & offer an options package to reflect our early stage.



  • Working with our world-class cross-functional team to bring a delightful user experience to life
  • Architect, build and manage our backend services that automate a user’s life chores
  • Build resilient and robust integrations to service providers at scale, with continuous monetization
  • Understand when to take shortcuts and when to build to a high spec
  • Learn and teach others on best practices
  • Contribute from the earliest stages to product strategy and company culture


  • Production experience building or architecting web backends from prototype to internet scale
  • Experience using technologies such as React, Typescript, Node.js, Next.js
  • You solve for user and product outcomes, not just for engineering
  • Understands how to abstract processes and how to reuse components
  • Familiarity with CI / CD pipelines and other developer tools
  • Deep understanding of AWS and its components is a plus (we think in terms of Serverless but also Kubernetes)
  • A well-developed empathy for how others experience the world
  • You love to help customers achieve more and better things
  • Very high tolerance for ambiguity
  • Highly driven

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