Hi. We're a team of entrepreneurs building a new consumer service with a social mission to liberate UK citizens from £10bn of wastage, dysfunction and corporate villainy.

This is not about toothpicks.

Modern life gives us more choice than we want or need.

This compels us to rely on big data systems. But those systems aren't designed to make us happy, they've been engineered to maximise profit. And in response, being human, we take the path of least resistance: we pick the one marked 'recommended.'

Or we just leave it until tomorrow: I'll deal with it tomorrow.

Entire industries thrive by sustaining this pattern—at our expense.

It wouldn't matter if we were only talking toothpicks. But what about the important and expensive stuff: the electricity we use, the water we drink, the houses we live in. What is the price of distraction in the face of complexity and far too much choice?

This is about technology serving people.

What if someone deployed tech to help me instead of exploiting me by hacking my attention, my wallet and my inertia.

What if there were a service to manage this stuff for me competently. One I actually trusted, that could save time and money. Wouldn't life feel...lighter?

You had me at toothpicks.
A jar of toothpicks

Search for something you don't care about on your favourite retail site and try making an informed decision without relying on their recommendation system.

Who, us?

We're a serious founding & engineering team committed to building a service that makes peoples' lives better, and fostering an environment that allows everyone in the company to do their best work.

Greg Marsh

Co-founder & CEO

Formerly a venture capital investor with Index Ventures in London, in 2009 Greg founded pioneering luxury accommodation marketplace onefinestay, which he led from inception through to acquisition by Accor Hotels in 2016 in a deal worth more than $200m. Greg has since taught at Harvard Business School, and served on the boards of several organisations including Amnesty International. He studied at Cambridge and HBS where he was a Fulbright Scholar and Ford Scholar.

He once got locked in the toilet at the Élysée Palace.

Glen Walker

Co-founder & COO

After stints at BNEF and McKinsey, Glen worked with Greg at onefinestay in a variety of senior roles before going on to co-found Trouva, the successful online homewares marketplace, where he was Chief Operating Officer and latterly Chief Growth Officer. Glen has an MA and MEng from Cambridge University.

He enjoys losing himself atop mountains—which is handy because he likes climbing them, and has a terrible sense of direction.

Jon Rudoe

Co-founder & CCO

Jon has recently worked in revenue/growth roles at several start-ups in the direct to consumer subscription space. He was formerly Digital & Technology Director at Sainsbury’s where he scaled Online from £700m to £1.3bn in 2½ years, and launched several new businesses including Chop Chop and SmartShop. Prior to that he led the team that built the customer proposition at Ocado during the early scale-up phase. Jon started his career at Bain and technology investment firm, Smedvig. He has an MA from Cambridge and an MBA with High Distinction from Harvard Business School.

Both his father & grandfather were statisticians. What are the chances?

Rogerio Candeias


Rogerio joined us from Hummingbird Technologies, the satellite data tech business, prior to which he spent several years building products from first principles at Founders Factory and BCG Digital Ventures. He started his career in technology roles, and was CTO of several start-up companies. After an MSc in Biochemical engineering, Rogerio earned his PhD in computational biology from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Harvard and MIT.

He (and his wife) both have Erdős numbers of 3.

Lydia Howland

Head of Service Design

After an eleven year stint as a design and innovation consultant at IDEO, Lydia joined Greg and Glen at onefinestay as Head of Service Product Development. She went on to work with a number of London-based start-ups and digital organisations, including Klevio, Tails and GDS, before becoming Head of User Research at Deliveroo. Lydia studied English Literature and Critical Theory at Cardiff University; to wit, she knows how to use a semicolon.

She was once locked inside a McDonalds in Blackpool with Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and 12 Secret Service agents.


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Head of Getting-Stuff-Done

Awaiting your bio...

Thankless jobs

We’re in this to make people’s lives simpler and fairer. We find purpose in that.

We also know that creating something from nothing is neither easy nor glamorous. It demands stamina, tenacity and grit – it’s not for everyone. But that’s not to say it can't be rewarding.

Who we're hiring and why
A cutout from an old newspaper, reading: "men wanted for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success. Ernest Shackleton. 4 Burlington St.". The word "men" has been crossed out and replaced with "team".
Gender balance wasn't really a thing in 1912