We're looking for brilliant people.

We have thought, and will keep thinking, a good deal about culture (and we're doing much of our thinking in public), but who joins us is the biggest determinant of who we are.

We want to design a working environment where it's actually rewarding to work hard over many years to build something that has a very significant positive impact on millions of people’s lives.

We’re based in central London and while we’re pragmatic about remote working, especially at the outset we want to do the majority of our work together in person. Because it makes problem solving easier and helps establish culture.

You could earn more elsewhere, no doubt. But we’ll offer fair pay and very attractive share options packages to reflect our early stage.

We are very stubborn indeed about the quality of the people we will hire.

Our values:

What motivates you?

You must: be smart enough to solve intricate problems without direction, but humble enough to accept that not every problem can be solved; be experienced enough to have seen complex scaled tech platforms, but adaptable enough to go back to first principles when needed; be mature enough to design for grown-ups, but young enough to do it again; be crazy enough still to believe we can change the world, but wise enough to know hard that actually is—and stupid enough to want to try anyway.

You can also read a bit more about what motivates us.

The bottom line

We have set out to do the right thing—for our people, for our customers, for the environment, and for society. We will be a B-Corp. We want this to be the place where everyone who joins us can do the best work they’ve ever done, in the best environment they’ve ever worked in.

Still intrigued? Don’t be shy.

Friendly, outgoing start-up seeks long-term companionship with...

...and a bunch of other roles that aren't listed, so please contact us if in doubt.