Privacy policy

Managing your household is painful. We want to make it easier.

To do this, we are developing a new service which helps you manage the relationships you have with providers of household services like energy, insurance and broadband to save you time and money. To make sure it really works and is simple to use we need your help.

By participating in this research programme, you are agreeing to the following terms.

Consent to collect, store and use your data

To help design our new service, we are seeking to collect information about the messages that household services and utilities companies share with you. The type of information we are seeking to collect and store includes:

  • Who writes to you from these companies and how often,
  • What information they provide in their emails and email attachments, and
  • How they format that information.

At this stage we are effectively conducting a research and development project – that is to say, we will only store information that is actively useful to us in designing and developing our service. We only access data that has to do with utility companies.

You are certainly not obliged to become a customer of our service – although we would love to tell you about it when it is ready to test.

We treat your data privacy with zealous respect, and are taking particular pains to ensure that we abide by the highest standards of information security. You can opt out of this programme at any time, whereupon we will delete all your personal data immediately.

In the meantime, we keep track of all information we have requested from you and you can inspect that record at any time (from your dashboard, once you are signed up).

We are not building an advertising business, so will not pass on your information nor try to sell you stuff. We are not looking to make money out of your data. We will not share your information with unaffiliated third parties—indeed, all the project participants have signed a binding non-disclosure agreement, and all our technology partners are commercially bound to confidentiality.

Non disclosure

We are committed to treating your data in complete confidence.  We also ask that you do not share details of our research programme with others. We want to keep our heads down until we are ready with an amazing product. When we are, you will be the first to know!

Keeping you informed

Separately, we would like to be able to contact you by email to keep you informed about the new service we are working on – particularly so that you can be among the first to test it (if you want to) when it is ready for launch.

Who we are

If you need any further information please email us at or see our website ( for more details.

Project Vault is the working name for a project being developed by Eighteen and a Half Limited, UK company number 13236360.

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