Central Operations

We are in the early (for which read ‘fun’) stages of building a new class of service which fundamentally changes the way that people manage their homes and their lives.

We’re still being coy about the details in public, but would love to share more under NDA.

What we can say is that it’s a serious founding & engineering team, led by Greg Marsh, a former venture capitalist who led the team that built & sold onefinestay for $200m, Glen Walker, Jon Rudoe and Rogerio Candeias – and that it has already attracted significant seed investment.

We’re looking for our Ops hire number one. 

You may have been described as a Swiss Army knife – you can get a lot done. You’re probably happiest when slightly outside your comfort zone. You can apply yourself to a new domain or tool, figure it out, and be surprisingly effective, surprisingly fast. You like numbers. (Quite a lot.) And you love getting around a whiteboard to solve a problem. But the most rewarding moment is when you make the whiteboard become reality (reality ≠ slides). 

You think in terms of processes and systems, but you never forget the fact that real people have to use them. In previous roles, you’ve probably been annoyed when tasks that should take an intelligent person a couple of hours became multi-person, multi-week projects. And you’ve been frustrated when an opportunity to automate something was missed. 

If this resonates, the role here could be a trajectory-changing opportunity for you. We have an abundance of thorny operational problems that need to be solved. We want someone ready to get stuck-in right now, who also has potential to grow with the business.

And since you’ll be in the room from the beginning, you’ll be a significant contributor to whether this business is a success or not. (No pressure.)

Previous experience

We care more about your skills and attitude than whether you tick all the boxes on experience. But the kind of things that would count as valuable experience include an engineering or quantitative degree from a great university, Management/Ops consulting, Ops roles in startups, or having founded something yourself. If you don’t have any of these but think you have another way of demonstrating how you’d be great for this role, we’re ready to hear it.


  • You’ll work closely with Glen (Co-founder and COO) to build out our operations capability. As we go through the journey to prove product-market-fit and beyond, the focus of operations will change significantly. Core elements of the role will be:
  • Starting new processes from scratch, often by manually doing them yourself at first and the progressively scaling or automating them
  • Being a point of escalation when processes you’ve designed break
  • Helping build ‘progressive automation’ as a core competency of the company and designing the systems and resources needed to deliver this
  • Building progressive automation solutions in tools such as UIPath 
  • Being responsible for designing, building and maintaining the knowledge base and capability of how we interact with operate with various external providers (e.g. utilities or broadband providers)
  • Working closely with Engineering, particularly on how to we use technology to efficiently deliver a high quality service

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