Community and marketing

We are in the early (for which read ‘fun’) stages of building a new class of service which fundamentally changes the way that people manage their homes and their lives.

We’re still being coy about the details in public, but would love to share more under NDA.

What we can say is that it’s a serious founding & engineering team, led by Greg Marsh, a former venture capitalist who led the team that built & sold onefinestay for $200m, Glen Walker, Jon Rudoe and Rogerio Candeias – and that it has already attracted significant seed investment.

We are looking for the first member of our Community & Marketing team. We’re looking for somebody who loves variety, challenge, and to get stuck in to lots of different things.  We’re a new and growing service, with a bit (a lot?!) of everything going on at the moment.

Your initial responsibility will be to manage our growing community of alpha pilot users, AKA the Project Vault Pioneers. These folks are helping us gather data, test things we’re developing fast, and generally letting us break things. You’ll be great at communicating with them as a group and one-to-one when they have questions, concerns, or need some hand-holding.

You’ve probably got some experience writing for email and social. You might have researched companies, what they do, and how they treat their customers. You’ll naturally understand how to talk to busy people about their homes and the things they spend money on.  And you’ll enjoy working closely with a small-but-growing team of bright and talented people.

Above all, you’re passionate about helping people improve their lives.

Beyond the first frontier, you could likely develop in a number of different directions as the company grows. You might go on to help manage our customer community. You might lead the creation of content and marketing campaigns. Or you might do something completely different. Whatever comes next, we commit that you’ll see a lot, learn a lot, and hopefully have a lot of fun.


  • Manage the growing community of ‘Project Vault Pioneers’, the early users of our service
  • Maintain personal email communications with the community
  • Recruit more users via a number of mechanisms including social media
  • Write our first tweets and instagram posts for the community and wider interested parties
  • Broader marketing work
  • Creating content, either by researching consumer trends and stories, or bringing our customers’ experiences to life
  • As the pioneer group grows, creating email and other social media content
  • Helping us get things done to grow the business!


  • This is not your first job. You know what the world of work looks like and don’t need help figuring out how to work with people in a team.
  • Preferably experience in a high-growth, fast-paced environment. You’ve worked for another start-up, or a service going through rapid growth.
  • Good communication skills, preferably honed in a marketing/social or community management role.
  • Great written English. We’re going to put you in charge of the company Twitter account and you will often be the ‘voice’ that our early customers hear via email or on the phone if they have a question.
  • You will have experience in a customer-centric environment.
  • You love working in a team and have worked in a tech/engineering/product environment
  • You love helping people, and making the world a better place
  • You’re driven by doing great work and winning!
  • You’ve probably got a degree from a good university, where your subject involved writing and communicating in written form.

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